Clean up rough pad scrub (rectangle – thin form)

Clean up rough pad scrub (rectangle – thin form)

Product feature

  • This scrub’s material is thin and soft, its inside includes special abrasives grain which does not scratch the ceramic surface when washing.
  • Good drainage, quickly dry
  • Clean grease, stains in the kitchen and on kitchen appliances without effort.

Scope of use

  • Stains on the ceramics, glass and other sanitary equipment
  • Stains on kitchen appliances


  • The product will give better outcome if we use this product with washing liquid
  • You should use forces when scrub a scorched stain for a long time
  • You should use a little amount of washing liquid and slightly squeeze several times then wash it all with water after use.


  • Place this product in a cool, dry, windy place in order to avoid bacteria
  • This product can use with washing liquid of high acidity
  • This product is unsuitable in high temperature place and fire place.